Father’s Day

Being a father isn’t taught in school. It’s something you pick up. You grow into the role. I must say, it’s being fun all the way.

Happy father’s day to all and soon to be father’s out there!

Sometimes at work…

…Sometimes I capture interesting moments when I look out my window at work. Most times it’s just quiet, empty or almost serene. Sometimes a colleague just drops a Tea Mug (Amsterdam) he got from one of his many travels around the globe on the printer. Sometimes we eat the sun for lunch. Sometimes the ride back home on the staff bus can be a blessing from God.

Lagos Carnival

I thought it was fun all the way! Some people might disagree though.

It was my first experience at the carnival,
so you feel free not to take my opinion onboard.
However, I was really impressed by the level of security provided by
the State Government and other organisers of the event.

Lots of photographers, dancers and I noticed
a lot of foreigners showed up as well.

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